red meat

World’s best grass-fed steak

Handpicked genetics, farm systems and top notch grading to be crowned the best – the impact of a grading programme on our beef. Words by Sarah Perriam-Lampp

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Episode 18 – How are we missing out on premiums for the world’s best beef?

The wellness industry is valued at $1.8 trillion so why aren’t we positioning New Zealand’s red meat’s positive health attributes? From selecting the right sire through to how we market our beef, hear from three experts on what they think we need to do. We talk about livestock genetics sales ahead of bull sale season, meet our new host of BEEF Country and hear the updates in nutrient profiling of meat cuts from an AgResearch scientist.

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Red meat for wellbeing

Overseas consumers have a strong interest in improving their wellbeing through eating red meat, newly published research shows; highlighting opportunities to achieve a premium for products with proven health benefits. Words Rebecca Greaves.

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