Episode 19 – How do we tackle regenerating biodiversity on our farms?

When it comes to looking at the future of regenerating biodiversity, farmers have a key role to play, with 24% of native biodiversity found on sheep and beef farmland, second only to conservation estate.

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Regenerating nature through collaboration

Farmers are conservationists at heart. Telling our story around the good work being done to enhance biodiversity on farm is key, and organisations like the Sustainable Business Network are partnering with businesses and landowners to access funds to help fast-track important biodiversity work on farms.

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Episode 13 – Are biodiversity credits the golden ticket to more native trees vs pine trees?

The concept of receiving funds or credits for planting native bush rather than pine trees on farms could encourage farmers to retire sensitive land to regenerating native bush. But what’s the right financial model that can help outweigh the cost of establishment and maintenance for farmers that prefer natives to pines? 

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