Episode 13 – Are biodiversity credits the golden ticket to more native trees vs pine trees?

March 22, 2024In Podcasts5 Minutes

The government has scrapped the proposed Significant Natural Areas (SNA’s) regulation, so what opportunities does that present for sheep & beef farmers to receive income from these areas?

There has been a single focus on carbon, but now the concept of receiving funds or credits for planting native bush rather than pine trees on farms could encourage farmers to retire sensitive land to regenerating native bush. 

But what’s the right financial model that can help outweigh the cost of establishment and maintenance for farmers that prefer natives than pines? 

Guests include:

  1. Carla Muller, Perrin Ag
  2. Nick Butcher, CarbonCrop
  3. Adam Thompson, Restore Native


  1. Rebecca Greaves, Editor, Country-Wide
  2. Sarah Perriam-Lampp, Managing Director, CountryWide Media

The episode kicks off with Rebecca Greaves hearing more about the research Perrin Ag Principal Consultant, Carla Muller, has done in conjunction with GHA as part of Our Land and Water to see what financial incentives currently and could exist for biodiversity credits from public and private markets or grants.

But CarbonCrop founder, Nick Butcher, is puzzled how whilst their artificial intelligence can assess carbon sequestration to issue carbon credits on native forest, how do you even begin to calculate a credit on the living ecosystem nuance of ‘biodiversity’ into a unit that can be traded for monetary value. 

To wrap the episode, Adam Thompson from Restore Native who grows over a million native trees a year provides Rebecca with tips from project planning, site prep, plant and maintenance of native trees on farms.


EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Mates of Mates for Mates – Tarawhiti – Gisborne A&P Showgrounds – 19th April 2024: 

#MATESofMATESforMATES was born in Lockdown 2020, thanks to a great bunch of mates who shared their stories. Now it’s time to give #MOM4M some wings and help our rural mates and raise some funds for the Rural Support Trust Hawke’s Bay.

Now #MOM4M is heading to Tairawhiti on the 19th April, with an event at the Woolshed in the Gisborne A&P Society Showgrounds.

An event like this is seriously needed in a region like Tairawhiti, that has been continually bombarded with weather events going well beyond five years ago. The region is in a state of total disruption across roading, infrastructure and general well-being. People’s resilience is being tested far greater than before, to give them something to look forward to I believe will be good for their wellbeing.

The event is going to be free and starts at 3pm with an hours workshop on well being and some tools that people can take home with them, followed by some complementary hospitality courtesy of Silver Fern Farms and will finish at 5.00pm – gates closing at 5.30pm. There will be two complimentary drinks per person as well as non-alcoholic beverages, so everyone can enjoy the social side of the afternoon chatting with friends and the guest speakers. It’s often in these relaxed social occasions that people will open up to a friend or work cohort – that is priceless, we just need people to feel it’s ok to not be ok, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Matt Chisholm, Ian Kirkpatrick, Cam McLeay, Wanda Douglas and Matt Holden have been confirmed as speakers. This line up will inspire, educate and entertain the audience, along with sharing some personal struggles that might help people in the audience realise that they are not the only one feeling down.


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