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The BEEF Country Podcast, hosted by genetics specialist, Jo Scott, brings you New Zealand’s inspirational and technical information in the aim to breed and finish ultimately the world’s best beef.

Jo speaks to bull breeders across all breeds and industry professionals right across the value chain, from genetic technologies to calf rearers in dairy-beef, to our marketers to arm you with the very best information behind and beyond the farm gate.

BEEF Country podcast is produced by the Proud Country Network owned by Country-Wide Media that compliments the annual BEEF Country magazine journal released every year in early May.


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2023 Nuffield Report: What’s the Beef?

Hot off the Press: An executive summary from Matt Iremonger’s Nuffield Report exploring opportunities for Beef on Dairy in New Zealand. Words by Matt Iremonger.

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A dynamic approach

Integrated Farm Planning is a dynamic approach to recognising how the components in our farming systems are connected. Words by Rachel Joblin.

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All about the journey

Speckle Park cattle are recognised for producing high-marbling genetics and combined with mouth-watering bite test results – it’s all about the softness of the beef – it was a natural progression into Speckle Beef as a brand in its own right.

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AngusPRO: A Progressive Approach

AngusPRO is committed to bettering Angus cattle within the New Zealand beef industry and ensuring Angus is the tastiest beef on everyone’s lips. Words by Sarah Horrocks.

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Balancing seasonal variations in nutrient requirements

Melinda Turner explains why we need to keep an eye on mineral deficiencies in cattle this winter.

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Breaking out of the commodity rat race

Backgrounding with First Light Wagyu has allowed a Northland farmer to simplify his system. Words by Glenys Christian and Photos by Malcolm Pullman.

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Charolais breed surging in popularity

Buyers recognise the explosive growth and yield potential of Charolais cattle. Words Sam Holland, President of Charolais Breeders New Zealand.

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Cow condition score is regarded as a big influencer of conception rate

Body Condition Score (BCS) data over several years shows a straight-line relationship to mating success. Words by Tony Leggett.

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Different approaches to drenching beef cattle

Wormwise Programme Manager Ginny Dodunski says the real opportunity in combatting drench resistance is minimising the worm challenge in the first place.

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Educational Series ‘Raising The Steaks’ For Beef Sector

If you are looking for the latest industry information on how to improve your beef farming operation then you can’t go past the “Raising the Steaks” channel on YouTube, hosted by Angus New Zealand’s very own Kate Pont.

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Energy requirements of cattle at different stages

Every 100kg increase in liveweight requires an additional 11 megajoules of metabolisable energy a day. Words Beef + Lamb New Zealand.

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