AngusPRO: A Progressive Approach

AngusPRO is committed to bettering Angus cattle within the New Zealand beef industry and ensuring Angus is the tastiest beef on everyone’s lips. Words by Sarah Horrocks.

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Stokman Angus Stud, Rotorua Image by Sarah Horrocks 29 January 2024 ~ ~

AngusPRO are a group of New Zealand Angus studs that encompass over 40% of New Zealand’s registered Angus cattle. These studs have united and made the shift across the ditch, to join the progressive governing body that is Angus Australia.

Angus cattle are the backbone of the NZ beef industry. In the commercial environment they’re expected to survive. Amid winter conditions of driving rain and inches of snow they will forage and not only survive, they will thrive. It’s in their DNA.

When stud females are mated as heifers, this replicates the commercial farming model and improves overall fertility within the herd. Increased profitability is therefore bred into those progeny, so to speak. EBVs are the best available tool we have in predicting future progeny and when stud breeders use technologies such as HD50k and Angus GS, the accuracy of EBVs and Indexes is increased.

Angus Australia is focused on supporting the genetic improvement of Angus cattle. Their suite includes a range of software tools and technologies, such as Angus SELECT, which has been developed to support members in improving the profitability of Angus genetics within the beef supply chain, by assisting with the identification of those genetics that are most aligned with their breeding goals and objectives.

While increased profitability for the client is at the forefront of our AngusPRO members’ aspirations, producing the finest grass fed eating experience for the end consumer is absolutely imperative. This is their ultimate focus.

Maintaining high standards of sustainable farming practice to ensure the land is enhanced for generations to come is, of course, part of daily life for the AngusPRO team. The environment here in NZ must be nurtured, with clear water in the streams and rich soils underfoot. It should go without saying that animal husbandry is paramount. These ideals and quality grass fed Angus beef go hand in hand for the end consumer.


Farming is tough at the moment. The sector faces continued challenges, with profitability levels at a multi-year low.  Beef + Lamb New Zealand has said that inflation-adjusted farm gate profitability is at a 15-year low for the sector.

It would seem rational to be cutting costs at every turn. However, farmer education is an investment that will improve the bottom lines of a great number of farming operations, at little to no cost at all. Both beef and sheep farming are about more than what the eye can see.  By utilising the data that tells us what’s under the skin of an animal, we can select animals that will grow more wool, more meat, have more docility, less worm burden, better structure, more growth, more IMF and so on. If you’re not already utilising these tools, you have to ask yourself, why not?

AngusPRO has a focus on farmer education and is committed to providing farmers with access to free workshops and educational resources to ensure they’re in a position to be able to make educated decisions regarding their cattle farming systems.


It is with a great deal of sadness that after 88 years Wairere recently offered two lifetimes of breeding programmes at their female dispersal sale, allowing the opportunity for others to establish a new line in their breeding programs.

Cedric and Jackie Lander have dedicated so much of their lives to the Angus breed as a whole and AngusPRO would like to wish them good luck with their final bull sale in June. Thank you, from everyone at AngusPRO.