After a Flood

Opportunities from disaster

Peter Andrew is no stranger to cyclones but says Gabrielle showed the progress we’ve made in some areas and has highlighted ways to do things better.

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The big cleanup

There’s years of clean up and rebuilding waiting for the victims of Gabrielle. Photographer Louise Savage lives in the thick of the flooded Gisborne region and post-flood went to visit some of the locals dealing with the cyclone’s aftermath.

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Access and fencing top priorities

An 80-year-old English poplar fell onto stockyards on the Northland farm of former agriculture minister Sir Lockwood Smith during Cyclone Gabrielle, costing him $20,000 to reinstate.

By Glenys Christian

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Picking up the pieces

Less bureaucracy, better co-ordination and easily accessible information systems are farmers’ top wishes as they clear up after Cyclone Gabrielle.

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