Sarah Ivey

Consumers around the world are demanding more than just grass-fed beef. They want beef that will provide them with an eating experience. They want beef that delivers juiciness, tenderness and most importantly, they want more flavour in every mouthful.

In many countries including New Zealand, simply marketing a product as being grass-fed’ is no longer good enough. Environmental impact, animal health and husbandry, sustainability and being pasture raised rather than feedlot or barn-raised are factors that are becoming more and more important to consumers, who increasingly research their food and where it comes from.

It’s widely known throughout the retail meat and farming industries that premium quality beef must have marbling, or intra-muscular fat (IMF) to create good eating qualities. Part of getting IMF into a carcase is feed related, but most of it has been genetically programmed into the animal from conception. A cattle beast’s EBVs are crucial in being able to predict what said carcase might look like when it’s killed, provided it’s been consuming enough high-quality feed.

AngusPure NZ have partnered with a group of 89 Angus stud breeders who share in their vision to create what they’re referring to as an ‘AngusPure Moment’. A moment in time when anyone, anywhere in the world can share in the finest grass-fed eating experience.

Will Wilding of Te Mania Angus in North Canterbury says stud breeders are in the business of breeding bulls that go on to produce cattle with a high yield and good carcase attributes.

“We jumped at the opportunity to get behind AngusPure so that together we can provide consumers with more of what they want.”

The AngusPure beef supply chain begins with these AngusPure Partners, who are working alongside them with the help of companies such as Zoetis and Allflex to collect data and improve the genetics and efficiencies within their herds. They’re ensuring their stud bulls have the information needed to help commercial farmers make more informed decisions when buying sires for their farming operations.

AngusPure director Guy Sargent says the joint goal is creating more premium quality beef for the consumer and it is great to have so many Angus studs from across NZ get behind the brand.

AngusPure Special Reserve is sold in the United States by Broadleaf Game and in Hong Kong and Macau by Sutherland Gastronomy Group. This beef has a minimum marbling requirement of two on the AUS-MEAT scale and as demand for the product steadily increases.

“It is crucial to ensure the supply of high marbling beef being produced is increasing year-on-year.”

Since Partnering with the studs, AngusPure have also been able to gain more bargaining power and traction in the marketplace.

It has joined forces with bidr online trading platform. Bidr are holding dedicated AngusPure cattle sales on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm and these sales are only open to sellers who are clients of an AngusPure Partner stud or tag their cattle with AngusPure Source & Trace tags.

  • Supplied by AngusPure.