Research just released from an on-going ewe longevity project shows a strong relationship between body condition score (BCS) at mating and wastage, either from premature culling or mortality.

A recently-released on-line learning module shows farmers how Body Condition Scoring can be used to drive ewe performance and feed-use efficiency.

The 30-minute module, developed in conjunction with Red Meat Profit Partnership, is on Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s website under the Knowledge Hub. It uses a mix of videos and written and interactive material to help farmers understand the value of Body Condition Scoring and how to make it part of their farm management practice.

Broken into three sections, the easy to use module covers the why, how and when to Body Condition Score, then suggests strategies for managing mobs with different Body Condition Scores.

The short videos in the module include farmers sharing their experiences of how they Condition Score and use this tool to inform their management decisions.

The three key times for Body Condition Scoring ewes are weaning, pre-tupping and scanning with the aim of identifying ewes that fall outside the optimum Body Condition Score of 3-4.

These ewes can then be managed strategically to either lift or reduce body condition.

Numerous studies have shown that lambs born to ewes with a Body Condition Score of 3 or higher have a much greater chance of survival.

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