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Royal Canin Energy 4800 has been developed to support adult working dogs during very long, intense periods of activity.

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ROYAL CANIN ENERGY 4800 HAS been developed to support adult working dogs during very long, intense periods of activity. This premium kibble has the highest protein (32%) and fat (30%) content to help your dog get through the toughest of days.

Energy 4800 includes a dedicated combination of nutrients including high levels of omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, glucosamine and chondroitin to help support healthy joints in very active working dogs who may experience additional joint stress over their working life.

A healthy digestive system is also essential for working dogs to perform at their best. Enriched with a blend of antioxidants tailor-made to help neutralise free radicals produced during sustained activity, the energy dense kibble means smaller feeds and less work for the dog’s digestive system, but also less time feeding, less food wastage and less faeces. Dietary fibres and psyllium help to prevent diarrhoea.

Activity increases the need for oxygen delivery to muscles as well as protein use. Due to the high level of protein and digestibility, Energy 4800 supports oxygen delivery to muscles and contributes to maintaining muscle mass.

In a trial run by Massey University, dogs were assigned to one of three diets, which were fed exclusively for eight weeks.

Dogs (NZ Heading Dog or Huntaway breed) were recruited from sheep and breed farms located in the Gisborne region during a period of high workload for each farm. The activity of the dogs was measured to account for differences in workload.

In this trial, the dogs fed the Royal Canin Energy 4800 diet maintained their red blood cell levels. This ultimately means better oxygen delivery throughout the body including to muscles* – most importantly for long intense periods of activity.

*Nick Cave, 2014. ‘Preliminary findings from a field trial of Royal Canin Energy 4800 in working farm dogs.’ Proceedings, Royal Canin International Working Dog Convention, Oct 2014.