Episode 7 – Reducing fertiliser is a balancing act

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When you are looking at putting the axe through on-farm costs, one of the biggest items that is under scrutiny is fertiliser. To balance your decision making, take a listen to how a farmer, soil scientist and independent advisor explain how to reduce your spend on fertiliser without sacrificing soil fertility. 

Guests include:

  1. David Bielski, Farm Manager, Craigmore Station
  2. Dr. Ants Roberts, Chief Scientific Officer Ravensdown


  1. Rebecca Greaves, Editor, Country-Wide
  2. Sarah Perriam-Lampp, Managing Director, CountryWide Media

The episode kicks off with Craigmore Station farm manager, David Bielski, explaining how they have halved costs and doubled revenue by focusing on soil health. He insists it’s about balancing improving the biology of poor performing paddocks through direct drilling, diverse pastures along with the appropriate fertiliser use. David is part of a five-year study with Lincoln University to monitor the results. 

Read more about Craigmore Station in the article “For the Love of Soil” (Country-Wide Autumn 2024) (Subscriber Only)

Dr. Ant’s Roberts from Ravensdown explains that while the economic optimum of fertiliser spend for sheep & beef farmers is always lower than the biological optimum to produce the most amount of quality feed and how to weigh this up to not erode your soil fertility in tough times with a right nutrient, right place, right time strategy. 

Read Dr. Ant’s Roberts latest column “Smart tactics help make every nutrient count” (Country-Wide Autumn 2024) 

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