Cruizy Calves hit the spot

Investing in top genetics without compromising constitution has always been a priority for the McFadzean family, who farm 18,000 sheep, 1500 cows and 600 deer across four properties in Wairarapa.

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Last September at their fifth annual yearling bull sale of Meat Maker and Super Angus bulls, they offered their first consignment of the McFadzean Cruizy Calve bulls from a recently acquired herd of specialist low birth weight, short gestation Angus cows.

The sale was a real success with the Meat Maker and Super Angus selling for an average of $4800 with a top price of $13,200 for a bull sold to Grassendale Genetics, a long-time supporter of our programme, and the Cruizy Calves selling for an average of $3000 with a top price of $6500 to Herrick Land Co.

Stud master Johnie McFadzean manages the company’s Meatmaker, Super Angus breeding program and new Cruizy Calve Angus herd on the family’s property west of Carterton in Wairarapa.

The focus has been on having a sustainable and high performing cow herd. They expect their cows to wean a calf that is more than 53% of the cow’s live weight year on year, regardless of the season.

Replacement heifers are selected under strict criteria, considering type, constitution, temperament, and durability.

These commercially focused selection criteria are mirrored in their stud operation.

The bulls are selected in early March and the remainder of the bulls are sold at the Masterton weaner fair. This year’s weaner fair was strong again for the McFadzeans and some of their clients. They sold just under 260 weaner bulls receiving a top price of $1460 and an average of $1280.

Two clients, Patrick Cattle Co and Waikaramu Station, both received top prices of $1160 and an average of $1130 for their weaner steers.

In spite of an extremely tough spring, this year’s sale line has come on well and is shaping up to be some of the better bulls ever put up for sale. The Cruizy Calve bulls have weaned well at an average of 300kg, 20kg above last year’s average. The Super Angus and Meat Maker bulls have averaged 380kg at weaning which is on par with previous years.

The McFadzeans’ open day is on August 30 and their sixth annual sale on Thursday, September 14, 2023.