Ironman 4×4 offers a full range of automotive accessories including bull bars, suspension upgrades, side steps and rails, rear bars, underbody protection, lights, winches, snorkels and camping gear.

Ironman 4×4’s extensive range includes replacement winch bull bars which are designed, engineered and tested in Australia. Every Ironman 4×4 bull bar is carefully crafted from premium grade materials and components to deliver the most comprehensive frontal protection and styling available.

The finish on Ironman 4×4 bull bars is top quality using a powder-coat system which gives a thicker, smoother and more durable coating. Along with winch and air bag compatibility, Ironman 4×4 bull bars offer affordable protection for your farm ute or wagon. Ironman 4×4 bull bars have a high strength mounting design utilising a replacement cross member that goes in the front of the chassis to which a winch can be mounted. The bar is then bolted to the new crossmember. This design gives the ultimate in strength when winching as the winch is mounted to the chassis and not the bull bar itself.

Most bars for late model vehicles are full replacement meaning the original whole front bumper is removed and replaced.

Bull bars are available for most modern vehicles and can be fitted at authorised dealers throughout the country.

Ironman monster winches come in two sizes – 9500lb and 12,000lb.

Winches come complete with a wireless remote with a 40-metre range as well as a 3m lead remote. The 12,000lb monster winch has a 6hp (4.5kw) motor which is fully sealed and is supplied with a breather tube for mounting high on the firewall away from water. Winches have 28m of steel cable or have the option of 28m of synthetic rope.

Ironman 4X4 have an extensive range of recovery equipment including snatch straps, recovery kits, high-lift jacks and exhaust jacks.

All come in sturdy carry bags and you can feel confident of having the right equipment should you get stuck.

Suspension kits and components with raised height, long travel and improved performance are available for most makes and models.

Visit or call 0508 IRONMAN for more information.