Vat milk a viable alternative

Animal milk replacers have become considerably more expensive this season.

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ANIMAL MILK REPLACERS have become considerably more expensive this season.

For the dairy market, the lift in milksolids payout means whole milk in the vat could possibly exceed milk replacer costs making it a very viable option to rear replacement heifers or even some bull calves on calf milk replacer (CMR). While this trend of feeding CMR to dairy heifers gained traction a few years back and then the added returns for dairy farmers rearing their own bull calves for the beef market, it had swung back to the traditional use of just vat milk for a possible cost saving.

Milligans Feeds recommends farmers and rearers talk to their local farm supplier or contact Milligans Feeds directly for the best options, advice, or information in order to set a plan for maximum performance and returns. You can also try out the ‘Whole Milk vs CMR’ calculator on the Milligans Feeds website before making your decision.