Winter 2024


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In our Winter issue cover story journalist Joanna Grigg profiles the Small family at Blairich Station in Marlborough, with stunning photography by Jim Tannock.
Ron Small started off shepherding people around the skies. Now he prefers shepherding sheep and keeping his flying for fun. His 30-year professional flying career helped him get a foot into land, eventually owning the 3000-hectare Blairich Station. These days, Blairich is run by Ron and his wife Sue alongside their son Tom and his wife Claire and daughter Georgia.
In our special report, we dive into the world of waste and explore the concept of a circular economy – how do we keep things for longer? The report looks at the value of biodiversity projects onfarm, regenerating nature through collaboration, and the product stewardship schemes available to farmers through Agrecovery. Farmer Trish Rankin offers some practical tips for reducing waste onfarm, and we cover what you need to know to meet your audit requirements.
Thinking about waste streams produced onfarm and our consumer behaviour, how can we recycle, reuse and repair things, is something that requires a little effort, but it can be hugely rewarding.
We also visit the Beamish family at Awapai in the Whanawhana Valley, Hawke’s Bay, who were the Supreme Award winners in the East Coast Ballance Farm Environment Awards, and head to Motukawa Station in Taihape.
Get the latest on live exports, advice from the experts on how to deal with the tough times currently being faced on farm, along with events and insights from around the country, as we get ready to hunker down for the winter months.