Not just farmers upset

Country-Wide gathered some comments from the Dannevirke Howl of a Protest.

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Country-Wide gathered some comments from the Dannevirke Howl of a Protest.

Wayne Hermansen, Dannevirke, contractor: I hope the Government will listen to the people about the extra tax that’s being forced on the utes. They are essential for running agriculture, and for farmers, throughout NZ.

Ethan McNicol, Dannevirke, contractor: Everything is getting too hard, too much. I just started my own business and this (the ute tax) is just another cost. Robert McLaren, Dannevirke, agriculturalist and landscaper: I feel the need (to protest). Everything has gone up, mileage, fuel. We still keep paying our taxes and everything keeps going up for no reason. A ute is a utility vehicle we use for purpose and it is essential. As a small business owner that tax is a lot, it’s not easy to find an extra $3000. I don’t understand why they’re doing it.

Duncan and Michelle Black, Pahiatua, farmers: The Government is basically destroying the kiwi way of life – what this country has been built on – it’s ridiculous. It’s not necessarily about the ute tax, it’s everything, even the free speech laws.

Abbey Maher, Pongaroa, farmer: It’s a combination of everything, not just as farmers, as an ambulance officer, it’s where the money (from this government) is going, it’s frustrating. I feel like we’ll have to have a license to farm soon, and for young people starting out it’s getting very off-putting – as well as having to compete with forestry.