After hearing ongoing reports from the New Zealand wool industry about the problems farmers have with their wool clips in regards to stained wool from wool marking sprays,Richard Kettle of AHD Ltd went about finding a solution.

“Wool classers can remove stained wool before it reaches the market,” National Council of New Zealand Wool Interests executive director Bruce Abbot says.

“Staining on wool must be stamped out at source – on farms”, New Zealand Woolscouring Chief Executive Nigel Hales says. In conjunction with Chemz, a local aerosol company, AHD scientifically developed and tested a fading, scourable wool marker formulation.

“We then trialled the product on several properties, on 360 sheep, and with the support from CP Wools and Kells Wool perfected the formulation.

“The outcome is Fade Away a revolutionary scourable stock marker. The blemish on the wool is scourable (independently tested through a wool scouring plant) leaving little to no trace of tainting of foreign contamination.”

Fade Away sits on top of the wool and is not absorbed into the fibre. What colour does creep into the fibres is scourable, unlike other spray wool markers on the market that stain even further if the fleece gets wet. Fade Away has shown to last up to five months on the fleece allowing plenty of time to identify marked stock.

Fade Away has been approved for use by MPI. Fade Away is available from your local rural outlet or veterinarian in five striking colours.

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