Galloways win gold

South Canterbury's Chopped Butchery won gold with their traditional beef Galloway sausage in The Great New Zealand Sausage Competition 2022.

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Galloway cattle.

The Galloway Cattle Society of New Zealand would like to congratulate Chopped Butchery for winning gold with their traditional beef Galloway sausage in The Great New Zealand Sausage Competition 2022; along with breeders who were placed in the 2022 Galloway- Champion of the World Competition after being awarded three golds and Champion of the World.
Co-owners Adam and Eddie Rivett, who launched their business Chopped Butchery in May 2022, won gold after operating for only five months along with the support of their spouses Karen and Jacque.

The Morven-based butchery’s point of difference is being onfarm and specialising in suppling locally sourced Galloway beef which is not always commonly available. Demand has been steady for Galloway beef since becoming available with the start of the venture with stock being supplied by five Galloway breeders.

Galloway beef contains less saturated fatty acids and is an obvious choice for a healthy diet. It is not only important to have a sufficient amount of unsaturated fatty acids in our food, but to have two kinds, omega-3 and omega-6.

These fatty acids are able to protect us from arteriosclerosis, thrombosis and are important to prevent blood clotting and may even reduce cholesterol levels.

Adam Rivett talks to Galloway breeders who supply animals to Chopped Butchery.

Cherrybank Arapuni Pride, a Riggit Galloway bull, won 2022 Galloway – Mr Champion of the World. This was after he won gold and title of Mr Asia/Africa, which includes New Zealand and Australia. He was bred and owned by Beth and Paul McVerry of Waikato.

Dunollie Brick a NZ Belted Galloway bull won a bronze in the Mr Asia/Africa region and is owned and bred by Jurie andTui Snyman.

Cherrybank Pizzazz another NZ Riggit Galloway won gold and the title of Miss Asia/Africa, then went on to gain a bronze in The 2022 Galloway – Miss Champion of the World. She is owned and bred by Beth and Paul McVerry.

Cherrybank Elisa a White Galloway won a bronze in the Miss Asia/Africa region and is also owned and bred by Beth andPaul McVerry.

The Galloway is one of the world’s longest-established breeds of beef cattle, named after the Galloway region of Scotland.

Galloways come in four different colour patterns: belted, riggit, solid and white and are a medium-sized beef animal, with a shaggy, double, weather-resistant coat which is one of its most distinctive characteristics. Cows breed easily with low-birthweight calves, cows are long-lived, excellent mothers and naturally polled.

Galloways are extremely hardy, excellent foragers and thrive in cold rough, hilly country. Galloways are an efficient converter of rough pasture into relatively lean marbled meat.

If you are considering Galloway cattle look on the breed website, click the society tab, then breeders list where you will then be able to find a breeder in or near your area.

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