Hawke’s Bay livestock manager Jordan Kingan can’t speak more highly of the designer and supplier of a set of sheep yards built on a new winter lamb finishing block this year.

When the farm business he helps manage acquired a new lease block with an old woolshed and run-down yard facilities in late 2019, he didn’t hesitate to contact the team at Landquip for help in designing and installing new sheep yards.

It’s the third set of Landquip steel sheep yards the company has ordered, and they already have extension’s planned for their main set of Landquip yards installed a few years ago.

“We took over this block in December last year and knew we had a complete rebuild of the yards on our hands,” Kingan says.

Having worked with Landquip in the past on design, construction and installation, he opted for a mix of timber outer fences, permanent steel ‘Perma-yards’ and semi-permanent ‘Endura-yards’ to provide his staff with flexibility in the layout but a solid central working area for weighing, drenching and drafting.

The centre pens of the yards are fixed in place but three quarters of the pens are semi-permanent, enabling staff to alter pen sizes to suit mobs and manpower available. Landquip general manager James Fyfe says the company offers a full design, construction and installation service nationwide.

A video of the new block yards is available at www.landquip.co.nz.

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