About Us

What is NZ Farm Life Media?

NZ Farm Life Media is the company that publishes Country-Wide and Dairy Exporter magazines. 

Young Country is a sub-brand that is featured across both publications and online.


I’m receiving the magazine in the mail but don’t seem to have a login for the website.

Contact us by email or phone. We may not have an email address (or the correct email) for you and just need to add one to your profile. There may be another reason for this and we can investigate and explain why.

Can I pay for my subscription online?

Yes, by logging in on the website, navigate to Subscriptions or Orders to complete your payment online. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Farmlands card or RuralCo card.

I’m moving, how do I let you know?

There are four ways to let us know of a change of address – phone, email, mail or log in and update your details on your profile. If you have multiple subscriptions you’ll need to update the address and phone details on each subscription.

What is the difference between ‘billing’ and ‘shipping’ address details?

The billing address is for the name and address of the person purchasing the order, and the shipping address is for the name and address of the person receiving the order:

If you are buying something for yourself, you may like to have your items delivered (shipped) to a separate address such as a PO Box. Or you can keep the details in both the billing and shipping addresses the same. 

If you are buying a gift for a friend or family member then you need to make sure the billing address has your name and address, and the shipping address contains the name and address of the gift recipient.

I’ve already changed my address but why was my magazine still delivered to the old address?

To meet deadlines with our printers and their mailing house, we are required to produce the mailing list for each issue 4-6weeks before the magazines release date. The magazine may have already been in production when you changed the address. You can check your address details on the Subscriptions page.

I haven’t received the latest issue of my magazine yet, what should I do?

Log in and check that your subscription is active on the Subscriptions page as your renewal payment may be due. From here you can also see the billing and shipping addresses which if you’ve recently moved, may need to be updated. Contact us by phone or email if further investigation is necessary.

How long after the release date can I expect my magazine to arrive?

We rely on postal services to deliver the magazines each month. In New Zealand it’s common for mail to only be delivered to letterboxes 2-3 times per week. Please allow up to 5 business days for domestic post and up to 20 business days for international post.

Can I subscribe if I live outside of New Zealand?

Yes, but the subscription prices are different. Domestic taxes will be removed and international postage costs will be added.

As a subscriber, are there any additional benefits?

Yes. You will get access to online copies of all articles, access to the archives and the virtual library, videos and podcasts, exclusive offers of reduced ticket prices to certain agri-events etc. From time to time we’ll also run competitions, so keep a lookout in the magazine, in emails or on our social media pages for these.

How much is postage and how is it calculated?

Postage with New Zealand is included in the subscription price.

The cost of postage to other parts of the world is based on the weight and the number of issues you’ll receive within your subscription term. This is added to the cart automatically at checkout once you select a Country in the address details.

Can I change the length of my subscription?

Yes. For instance,you  may want to switch to a longer term to take advantage of the increased discount. This needs to be done at the time of your subscription renewal, and by NZ Farm Life Media staff. Give us a call on 0800 224 782 or email  subs@nzfarmlife.co.nz  with your request – don’t forget to include your subscriber number and contact details.

Can I change my subscription from print to online (or vice versa)?

Yes. This needs to be done at the time of your subscription renewal, and by NZ Farm Life Media staff. Give us a call on 0800 224 782 or simply email subs@nzfarmlife.co.nz  with your request – don’t forget to include your subscriber number and contact details. Please note that there may be a price difference between a print and online subscription

When does my subscription end?

Your subscription will be set to renew at the anniversary of your subscription term, i.e. If you signed up for 12 months, then the subscription will renew every 12 months from the date you purchased the subscription. You can see the Next Payment Date for each of your subscription/s on the Subscriptions page, when logged in to the site.

How do I know when to renew my subscription?

You will be alerted by email or letter one month before the renewal is due and then on the anniversary date of your subscription, sent an email link to log in and pay online. If we do not hold a valid email address for you, we will post the renewal invoice out to you. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

That’s a shame, we’re going to miss you.

You can log in and on the Subscriptions page, click on the subscription and click on cancel. You can also phone 0800 224 782 to discuss your subscriptions or simply email subs@nzfarmlife.co.nz  with your request – don’t forget to include your subscriber number and contact details.

If your circumstances change or you wish to resubscribe later, you can purchase a new subscription from the Shop page.

Group/Corporate subscriptions

Do you offer a group of, or corporate subscriptions?

We do offer group or corporate subscriptions – please call us during business hours to discuss your requirements. Once we have set up the subscriptions for you, you will be able to manage these in the online self-service portal.



How often are the magazines published?

The frequency for both Country-Wide and Dairy Exporter magazines is monthly (12 issues per year).

Where can I buy just a single issue of your magazines?

You can now buy a copy of the latest magazines in selected stores in New Zealand. We work with individual retailers rather than a wholesale distribution company so unfortunately they are not available everywhere just yet. But check back here regularly to see if any stores close to you have been added. 


  • Paper Plus – Ashburton, Cambridge, Dunedin
  • Four Square – Fairlie, Hampden, Kurow, Pleasant Point, Tapanui

NZ Dairy Exporter

  • Paper Plus – Ashburton, Cambridge, Te Awamutu

It’s more cost effective to subscribe and have your favourite magazine delivered to your letterbox every month however if you just one issue, you can always purchase a copy (or three, or four) from our online store nzfarmlife.co.nz/shop or by calling us on 0800 224 782 (+64 280 3161).

How often is Country-Wide Beef and Country-Wide Sheep published?

Country-Wide magazine is published on a monthly basis but a few of these issues each year are known an annual special – a bumper issue dedicated to a specific industry.

Country-Wide Beef is our May issue.

Country-Wide Forage and Crops is our September issue.

Country-Wide Sheep is our September issue.



What is the difference between an order and a subscription?

When you purchase something from us, an order will be generated and this is what you are paying. This could be for a single item like a book or it could be for a subscription to one of our publications.

Some of the products that you order (or purchase) from us could be a subscription item – something that is sent to you periodically for a specified time.

Each time your subscription comes up for renewal, a new order will be generated for you to pay. Once paid, the order is marked as complete and the new subscription term will begin.

Can I send items in my order to multiple addresses?

Unfortunately, our online system only allows one delivery address per order. If you would like to send items to multiple addresses, you will need to call us. We are very happy to process orders with multiple addresses over the phone – please call us during business hours on 0800 224 782 (+64 6 280 3161) and have your credit card ready.



How regularly will I receive an e-newsletter email?

Anyone is able to register to receive our e-newsletters. Sign up here

If you have recently purchased a subscription to one of our magazines then you’ll automatically be added to the magazines email database. Remember you can unsubscribe or update you email preferences at anytime using the links at the bottom of the e-newsletters. 

Both Country-Wide and Dairy Exporter each sends weekly e-newsletters.  As the latest issue of the magazine is released, that weeks e-newsletter will contain a link to the virtual magazine if you are a subscriber. Non-subscribers who register for our e-newsletters will not be able to read the virtual magazine and may find that some of the stories are locked (subscriber-only articles). 

Young Country sends one e-newsletter each month.

Why am I receiving two e-newsletter emails each month?

If you are receiving two emails on the same day, that are similar but one has slightly more information than the other, it’s likely that you are on more than one of our mailing lists. The one with more information and a link to the virtual magazine is the subscriber or full access version, the other one will be our free version which anyone can sign up to receive. In this case, email us on subs@nzfarmlife.co.nz and let us know so we can remove you from the free mailing list and ensure you stay on the subscriber list. If you were to cancel your subscription, you will be automatically removed from the full access version of the e-newsletter, to just the free version.

Another reason for receiving our emails more than once could be that we have one email address attached to your subscription and another email address registered to receive the free version of the e-newsletters. Again, please call or email us and we can investigate and fix this up for you.


How do I report a fault with the website?

Contact the staff at the NZ Farm Life Media offices on 0800 224 782 or +64 6 280 3161.

I forgot my password for my login, how do I reset it?

Click on Login at the top of the page. There is a link at the bottom on the login form: Lost your password? Enter your email address and hit the Reset password for a temporary password to be emailed to you. Check your spam/junk folders as our email may end up in there. If you’re still having trouble, please contact us by phone or email.

Why can’t I login to my account?

If you have not accessed your account for some time you may have to reset your password using your email address.

We may also find that your subscription does not have an email address attached to it or an outdated email address is still listed. Please call or email us so we can investigate and fix the issue for you. 

If you are still having trouble please call 0800 224 782 (+64 6 280 3161) during business hours or email subs@nzfarmlife.co.nz for assistance.

Do I have to log in or make an account to place an order?

You can place an order for books, merchandise or single copies and checkout as a guest any time. If you want to purchase a subscription, then you need create an account as this is how we contact you regarding the renewal of the subscription.

Do you send confirmations of orders/changes I make online?

You will receive confirmation emails for new purchases, renewal orders and cancellations. You’ll also receive notifications for changing the email on your profile and also for password resets. We don’t send confirmation for name, contact details or address changes however these can always be checked from your dashboard.


I want to make a complaint/give feedback on an article, what should I do?

The best option is to get in contact with our editors, and they can either help you with your query or forward you on to the appropriate journalist.

Hop on over to the About us  page for contact details of the editors

I want to speak with one of your reporters about an article, or I have a suggestion for a future story, how do I do this?

The best option is to get in contact with our editors, and they can either help you with your query or forward you on to the appropriate journalist.

Hop on over to the  About us  page for contact details of the editors

If you have any other questions, feel free to get in contact with the team at the office.