Episode 9 – Integrated farm plans – compliance or positioning your farm for potential opportunities?

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Are you poised to take advantage of opportunities as they come along?

Country-Wide editor, Rebecca Greaves is taking their farm through integrated farm plan workshops in 2024 so they can  better understand the value.

Guests include:

  1. Rachel Joblin, Agribusiness Consultant, BakerAg
  2. Sara Clarke, General Manager – System Establishment and Support – Ministry for the Environment
  3. Annie Cates, Wairarapa sheep & beef farmer


  1. Rebecca Greaves, Editor, Country-Wide
  2. Sarah Perriam-Lampp, Managing Director, CountryWide Media

The episode kicks off with Rachel Joblin from Baker Ag who hosts the ‘Integrated Farm Planning’ workshops that Rebecca is doing for their farm. Rachel explains what an integrated farm plan entails with the different elements of the farm – animal health, biodiversity, freshwater, business and people plans – and understanding the linkages but also having it all in one place for decision making and advisors support.

Read Rachel Joblin’s latest article “A dynamic approach” (Country-Wide Autumn 2024) (Free to read)

Where is the current government’s direction to the Ministry for the Environment leaning into 2024? What’s happening with the freshwater farm plan roll out and how they are aligning with the Ministry for Primary Industries to achieve integrated farm plans? Sarah Perriam-Lampp speaks to Sara Clarke, General Manager – System Establishment and Support – Ministry for the Environment.

To wrap the episode, Rebecca Greaves unpacks the journey of Wairarapa sheep & beef farmer, Annie Cates, to achieve NZFAP+ Gold (NZ Farm Assurance Programme) and use the concept of integrated farm planning.

Read Annie Cates’ thoughts on integrated farm plan in the latest article “What the farmers say” (Country-Wide Autumn 2024)  (Subscriber Only)

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