Episode 4 – Loving our best mates, our working dogs!

In this episode, we celebrate our working dogs, those loyal companions who play a vital role on our farms.

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Due to popular demand, we present The Country-Wide Podcast series!

Every week, we’ll be interviewing experts, inspiring characters and change-makers to bring you the latest news and trends from the farming industry.

EP 4 - Loving our best mates, our working dogs!

Guests include:

Natalie Smith, Retired Working Dogs
Michelle Simpson, Ovis Management (Sheep Measles)


Rebecca Greaves, Editor, Country-Wide
Sarah Perriam-Lampp, Managing Director, CountryWide Media

In this episode, we celebrate our working, those loyal companions who play a vital role on our farms.

Editor of Country-Wide, Rebecca Greaves along with her co-host Sarah Perriam-Lampp discuss the origins of the Hunterville Shemozzle, a unique Kiwi celebration of the Huntaway dog, their personal childhoods growing up with their families dog trialing and delve into the December-January issue of Countrywide, featuring the captivating three shepherds on the front page.

The episode unfolds into a heartwarming conversation with Natalie Smith, the founder of Retired Working Dogs. Learn about the organisation’s journey since its start in 2012, rescuing over 300 dogs every year that have retired from their working careers or faced career-ending injuries. With a mission to re-home these incredible animals, Retired Working Dogs has become a beacon of hope, finding new forever homes for over a thousand dogs.

With the importance of meeting the standards of the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme for sheep & beef farmers, Rebecca delves into the importance of dosing your dogs for sheep measles with Michelle Simpson from Ovis Management and Rebecca shares her personal experience having working dogs with sheep measles.

Whether you’re a farmer, dog lover, or simply curious about life in rural New Zealand, this podcast celebrates the spirit of man’s best friend and the bond between farmers and their canine partners.

Key Chapters of Interest

10:43 Retired Working Dogs: A Success Story
11:13 Interview with Natalie Smith, Founder of Retired Working Dogs
12:43 The Impact and Importance of Retired Working Dogs
21:02 Introduction to Sheep Measles (Ovis)
22:00 Understanding Sheep Measles and Its Implications
24:43 Causes and Spread of Sheep Measles

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