Episode 26 – How are farmers combatting drench resistance?

In PodcastsJune 21, 20242 Minutes

Drench resistance is a growing challenge for many New Zealand farms, but it doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Hear about what tools are out there, including adapting farm systems, and being proactive with testing. 

Rebecca Greaves talks to Wormwise Programme Manager Ginny Dodunski about what to do if you discover drench resistance onfarm, and Hawke’s Bay farmer Charles Yule, who is farming with drench resistance and wrote his Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme report on this topic.

Guests include:

  1. Ginny Dodunski, Wormwise Programme Manager
  2. Charles Yule, Hawke’s Bay farmer and Kellog Rural Leadership Programme report author


  1. Rebecca Greaves, Editor, Country-Wide

Wormwise Programme Manager Ginny Dodunski says discovering drench resistance onfarm isn’t the death sentence it once was, but does require looking at long term solutions. She says changing drench products isn’t enough, and farmers need to look at how their farm system could adapt. 

She says farmers shouldn’t feel ashamed of having drench resistance, as it’s becoming more prevalent, and the most important thing is to keep testing, and talking to your vet and advisors about what you can do. 

Farmer Charles Yule happened to be starting his research under the Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme when he discovered drench resistance on the farm he manages, which changed the direction of his study towards addressing the problem in real time. 

His focus is on providing accessible information for farmers on this issue, and investigating solutions. He says the key is finding the right management tools for drench resistance. You can read Charles Yule’s report here. 

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