Episode 21 – Live exports – a question of reputation?

May 17, 2024In Podcasts3 Minutes

Reinstating live animal exports from New Zealand is currently on the table under the new coalition government and is drawing attention from all sides of the debate.

Sceptics are worried about how it will impact New Zealand’s reputation and protecting animal welfare, and question whether it’s giving away our valuable genetics. 

On the other side of the debate, those in the industry say it’s a great opportunity to take leadership on setting a new gold standard.

Guests include:

  1. Julia Jones, Agricultural industry commentator 
  2. Dr Helen Beattie, Veterinarian, Veterinarians for Animal Welfare Aotearoa
  3. Brent Wallace, formerly worked in the live exports industry


  1. Rebecca Greaves, Editor, Country-Wide
  2. Sarah Perriam-Lampp, Managing Director, CountryWide Media


Rural commentator Julia Jones says we need to decide as a country what we want our brand to be, and what we want to be proud of. She says at the moment we’re missing the opportunity to have a proud New Zealand brand overseas with our animal products and, if we decide to remove the ban on live exports, it’s a vital consideration. 

She also says we need to think about our situation independently, and not compare ourselves to the likes of Australia, America and Europe.

Veterinarian Dr Helen Beattie says protecting the live export ban isn’t just about the welfare of the animals during the voyage – it’s also about what happens when they get to the overseas destination; how they’re treated for the rest of their lives, and how they are slaughtered. 

Brent Wallace has worked first-hand in live exports, and says it’s the perfect opportunity for New Zealand to set a world leading standard, and to do a better job than Australia, which is currently considered the best in the live export industry.  

He says the key thing to get right is overseeing what is happening on-board live export ships. Having independent observers to oversee how each ship is managed from loading, to sea-passage, to the discharge point, is one possible step.


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