Educational Series ‘Raising The Steaks’ For Beef Sector

If you are looking for the latest industry information on how to improve your beef farming operation then you can’t go past the “Raising the Steaks” channel on YouTube, hosted by Angus New Zealand’s very own Kate Pont.

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Raising the Steaks, the brainchild of Angus New Zealand, is a ground-breaking online educational platform that is revolutionising the landscape of beef breeding in New Zealand.

Developed in close collaboration with Gallagher New Zealand, a stalwart in the country’s agribusiness sector, this initiative leverages the power of YouTube and Facebook to provide breeders with a wealth of knowledge and resources at their fingertips.

At the heart of “Raising the Steaks” is a commitment to excellence and innovation, exemplified by its diverse range of podcasts and articles. Through the platform’s YouTube channel, viewers are granted access to insights from Angus New Zealand and industry experts, covering an array of topics crucial to the success of all beef breeding operations nationwide.

From the intricacies of calf tagging to the explanation of EBVs (Estimated Breeding Values), breeders are equipped with the tools and understanding needed to make informed decisions and drive genetic progress within their herds. Moreover, the platform, in conjunction with its Facebook page, serves as a forum for collaborative learning, and enables commercial and stud breeders to discuss and share their own views and experiences.

In addition to specialised topics, “Raising the Steaks” offers a treasure trove of shared articles covering fundamental aspects of beef cow management and production.

From body condition scoring to the latest advancements in precision breeding and on-farm efficiencies, breeders gain comprehensive insights into every facet of their operations.

By consolidating a wealth of knowledge into a single, accessible platform, “Raising the Steaks” emerges as the go-to destination for breeders seeking to elevate their practices and drive growth within New Zealand’s beef sector.

“Raising the Steaks” is more than a mere educational resource, evolving into a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and progress within the New Zealand beef breeding industry. Through its holistic approach to knowledge-sharing and community-building, the platform paves the wayfor a brighter, more sustainable future for breeders and the industry as a whole.