BONUS – Connecting soil nutrients, feed quality and animal performance with Melinda Turner

In Podcasts1 Minutes

In a special bonus episode, independent nutrient advisor Melinda Turner helps balance animal health with the soil nutrients we are applying to ensure we aren’t curbing the animal’s performance in the meantime.

Guests include:

  1. Melinda Turner, Farm Nutrients Advisory


  1. Sarah Perriam-Lampp, Managing Director, CountryWide Media

Melinda see’s great value when farmers treat their advisors as specialists in their field and that the opportunities lie in collaboration with fertiliser sales, vets and animal nutritionists to ensure the animal is getting the trace elements they need.

We discuss how farmers with low calcium can impact the animal’s ability to uptake selenium, the importance of iodine from lick blocks during pre and during tupping ewes and how to support your stock in the face of worm burdened pastures.

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