Are you supplementing your lambs with vitamin B12 or selenium this season?

Cobalt (as vitamin B12) and selenium are well recognised as essential trace elements for successful sheep farming in New Zealand. Young growing lambs are most susceptible to deficiency and have the highest B12 requirement of any stock class. Every day lambs are below adequate in their vitamin B12 levels results in compromised growth rates, meaning reduced profit for your farming operation.

Developed by AgResearch and extensively trialled in NZ, Smartshot B12 products consistently maintain B12 and selenium levels for three+ months or six+ months (depending on dose rate) with a single injection, compared with short-acting B12 products which would have to be injected every four weeks to maintain levels. Because an injection of Smartshot lasts longer, there is less stress on lambs, reduced yarding time and labour and reduced risk of carcase downgrades. Sustained vitamin B12 and selenium levels allow for consistent and efficient feed conversion throughout the critical growth period. NZ trials carried out by AgResearch demonstrate greater liveweight gains in animals treated at docking/tailing. Gains of as little as 5g/day can provide a return on investment (ROI) on Smartshot, meaning even flocks with a marginal deficiency could benefit.

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